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Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2006, March 31

The reason for looking at getting Stalingrad after years of hmming and hawing about it is that I’ve decided to undertake a long term project for Advanced Squad Leader. With Valor of the Guards due in July or August, and having played a couple of scenarios on the Red Barricades map, my interest in ASL Stalingrad has been piqued. I’ve always intrigued by Critical Hit’s Dzerzhinsky Tractor Works product, despite the noted flaws with it and the Grain Elevator mini-module. I’ve decided to look at turning my hand to fixing DTW and the GE,even if this means designing new CGs and scenarios from scratch.

The tank ambush from Stalingrad

This is very much a long term project (gee, I’m really good at planning these and lousy at completing them) but with no time pressures I can obtain the necessary reference materials at a sustainable rate.

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A close shave

Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2006, March 31

I’m also looking at buying the following from Amazon UK. I wish they had the 1958 version of Stalingrad: Dogs! Do you want to live for ever? but that’ll have to wait for another payday.

I appreciated the movie edit of Das Boot and the Superbit version is awesome on the home theatre, but I’m really looking forward to 7 odd hours of the miniseries for that total immersive experience. This should be the ideal mood setting for playing Steel Wolves when it is released in 2007.

Das Boot miniseries Stalingrad (1993)

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New Movies

Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2006, March 31

I should never have gone near and especially not searched on a whim for a couple of movies:

Beyond Enemy Lines
Unknown Soldier - 1955 Unknown Soldier - 1985
Ambush - 1985 Winter War - 1989

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