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Terrain: Some Thoughts, Ideas and a Plan Part I

Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2008, March 8

With the move to Australia, I’ve offloaded all my bulky and heavy resin buildings and scenery. This has meant I’m effectively making a fresh start in terms of scenery for my tabletop games.  

In a perfect world I’d be able to construct, store and use custom-made terrain modules in the same manner as this: 


Road To Messina 


However time, space and personal circumstances currently conspire against me and I’m planning on a modest, easily portable setup I can take to the Corsairs each month by Train until I have my own transport. 

To this end I’ve been looking around at the newer ranges of resin buildings and terrain features for items that suit my requirements. I’ve found lots of inspiration in the buildings and terrain that grace the pages of the various Rapid Fire books, 

RF Table 

RF Buildings 

but as they’re a) designed for 20mm b) extremely expensive to obtain in this part of the world and c) not particularly suited to my actual playability requirements, this meant that I’d be looking to scratchbuild 15mm versions. In itself this would not normally be a bad thing but again my living situation prevents such projects for now. 

Instead I’ve decided to go with a selection of ready-made terrain pieces, based on a combination of style, ubiquity and pricepoint. I’ve seen a couple of the pieces in the flesh so to speak and was impressed enough but the clincher for some of the suppliers is the freighting cost, always an issue with overseas terrain orders. 

Kerr and King were always going to be one of my go to places, as I’m intrigued by their FOW bases anyway and they have some interesting designs, particularly the Tram Road Block  

Kerr & King Tram 

Kerr and King View 2 

which I’m sure I can feature in more than a few scenarios. It helps that K & K offer free shipping worldwide.  So that’s the urban terrain aspect taken care of, particularly with this as the starting point: 

Urban Terrain Deluxe 

Crescent Root offer a really nice selection of Rural and village type farmlets, walled estates and a church to die for that are perfect for my North Western Europe requirements: 






And if I’m particularly honest, the idea of ordering the pre-painted versions has some appeal, particularly for that initial population of the gaming table. One thing I particularly like is the whole look of each model, fully self contained and with enough room to place my elements in nicely, this becomes important with regard to my 19th Century figures as well as FOW. 



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