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Naval Gazing

Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2008, March 21

Played my first game of Victory At Sea last night at the Duellists. I found it a simple game mechanically, but not at all simplistic. What attracts me to it is that it’s short sweet and to the point. there’s no aecane consulting of charts ad infinitum, the onus is on the players to think  on their feet and it plays really fast, even with aircraft, torpedoes and some optional rules in the mix.

I was not impressed with the physical quality of the rulebook however which is incredibly poorly bound  for a hardback. Every copy I’ve seen of the rules is falling to pieces completely.  Not a great incentive to buy the game,  but it’s really noticeble how cheap the binding quality is compared to Field of Glory.

Nevertheless VaS is on my list of games to buy – particularly as I can assemble a decent sized fleet in 1/3000th scale from Navwar via Spirit Games.

Returning to Ancients for a moment, I managed to sell off the last of my armies last night at the club and the best thing was, I saw two of them getting use on the tabletop. Kelly G had done a brilliant job with the Essex figures he grabbed and they looked superb under new management. I’ve demanded pictures to show off what happens when someone with aptitude and industry gets hold of my stuff. 🙂

A bit of a sad night though really as I’m probably only going to get 2 more meetings in before I leave Palmy. I am looking forward to attending The Corsairs meetings regularly but it’s the end of a pretty spectacular phase in my wargaming life and I’m really going to miss the camaraderie and banter of the Duellists – and the opportunity to participate and discuss new initiatives in gaming.

It seems only fitting that I was able to browse through the latest FoW handbook, Cobra in one of my last meetings. It was very nice indeed, somehwat understated in places, but the overall package is again up there. The best bit is, I hardly need to buy anything further to field a decent US army as I have oodles of US models sitting waiting for sucgh an opportunity. The scenario I had a look at looked very good to me, and typifies the development away from pure Tourney gaming into situational gaming that is closer to my preference.

I should get back to packing everything for the move.

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