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Some changes in the wind…

Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2011, November 3

One of the downsides of spending 4 hours a day commuting is that I’m terminally knackered during the week and there’s no energy or enthiusiasm ton sit and paint, even for 30-45 minutes in the evening. However thanks to an unplanned employment change, the long haul commute may be a thing of the past shortly if i can find a position closer to home (which would be the preferred option). It may mean a lesser salary, but I’ll take that within reason.

Ideally, I’d like a position in Gosford, which would mean I’d be home by 6pm at the latest and I’d be getting 2 more hours sleep at the beginning of the day. This would mean I could actually budget around 60-90 minutes per evening for painting, something that’d allow me to revisit the painting skills I had which have sorely atrophied. In the time I’ve stopped painting, (not that I did that much as it was) the general level of painting I’ve seen for 15mm has passed me by to a huge extent. I’d have to knuckle down and religiously paint as if I was starting from scratch.

We’ll see I guess. It would be nice to get back into painting again, and even more so now I’d be doing it purely for myself, with no pressure to complete stuff for a tournament, competition or for anything beyond personal satisfaction. Hell I don’t even know if I’d be that bothered if I didn’t end up gaming with the models, I’d just prefer to have stuff completed.


4 Responses to “Some changes in the wind…”

  1. Evan Allen said

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for ya Pete – good luck chum!

  2. Evan Allen said

    What’s Up Pete? Is the bank “downsizing” their staff?. Are you being relocated or given the push?

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