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Hex & Violence: A new blog (sort of)

Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2011, October 14

With the demise of the Central Coast Corsairs as an active club, my miniatures gaming has dwindled to absolutely nothing. Certainly the heightened attention to playing and all things Advanced Squad Leader has contributed to this. but I don’t see it as a necessarily negative thing. Like all thing, gaming interest is cyclic and I’m confident that I’ll be painting nad daming with minis soon enough. After all there’s a lot of unpainted and unbased lead and plastic sitting around in boxes here to occupy me for at least 3-5 years.

ASL has taken a fairly significant chunk of any free time I have over the last 2 years and so I’ve decided to actively split the ASL side of things into another blog Hex & Violence . I’ve already ported over all the ASL content from here, so from now on this blog will be returning to it’s primary subject, miniatures. I doubt there’ll be a huge onslaught of updates as I haven’t really looked at what I’ll be looking to complete of the outstanding projects, but i’m sure there’ll be something along the lines of fixing up stuff that I’ve already started and need to complete.

2 Responses to “Hex & Violence: A new blog (sort of)”

  1. Evan Allen said

    Hi Pete, hows it all going? long time no hear dude!


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