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A small hiatus: PC upgrade

Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2010, March 20

I had hoped to update last weekend, a few things have arrived, including some more 2nd edition Tyranids and some ASL. Unfortunately my 5-6 year old PC is now starting to really show its age. I’m going to be adding a bunch of RAM, replacing the ancient 80Gb and 40Gb harddrives with 320Gb and 500Gb IDEs. Actually the RAM is already installed (along with a new CMOS battery) but I have to grab a new PSU as my old 300W doesn’t cut it anymore, especially as I’ve got a 512Mb Vidcard I need to install to replace the 128Mb Radeon x300.

All in all this should make for a much better working environment, with the dual monitor setup not chugging and a fresh XP install looking the goods. It’ll do until I get back from ASLOK when I’ll be buying a fairly monstrous new beastie of a PC for Windows 7. Anyway, I hope to post a couple of items up here this weekend but my main focus is retrieving all my data from the various old harddrives and getting it all organised before I do a complete reinstall.

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