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ASL in 2010

Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2010, February 7

With my miniatures projects all organised and scheduled, plus the costs already taken care of for the most part, it looks like that after 2 years of pretty much no ASL activity I will be doing a year of catchup. It’s already off to a good start, with Planning well advanced for the main event of 2010 – my trip to Cleveland, OH for ASLOK XXV. It’ll be my one and only chance to attend this gathering of ASL gamers and I think the 25th anniversary is the perfect way to do it. 2010 also seems to be the year in which many of my ASL pre-orders finally arrive – major gaps in my collection are now filled and I’m at the stage where I’m almost complete;y caught up on official ASL products. I still have a few Third Party Publisher products I need to acquire but thankfully, the ones I’m after in the main are still available.

I had thought I’d bought a fair bit of ASL in 2009, but I was surprised at how much I’d bought and how much I’d forgotten I’d bought, so I ended up with some duplicates – AP4 being the most egregious example. MMP puit up their limited Winter Offensive Pack for sdasle a couple of days ago, so i took the opportunity to pick up some more ASL and ASLSK items. With regard to the ASL Starter Kits, I’m not planning to use them as anything other than the basis for a portable ASL player pack. In that vein I am going to need to spend obscene amounts on a decent Raaco set up, especially as I’m now looking at replacing my very worn Beyond Valor and West of Alamein counter sets with the new versions.

My next lot of ASL gear to order are BFP’s Operation Cobra, Beyond the Beachhead II and probably some Le Franc Tireur stuff – depending on availability. The Friendly Fire packs I’m going to grab along with the Raaco. This is all with a view to creating a decent ASLOK playlist. But more on ASLOK later.


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