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ASL: After Action Report – MP17 “Bagging Burcorps” Part 1

Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2008, August 11

I’ve played one scenario from the SoCal ASL guys before and really enjoyed that (MP12 “Vulcan’s Forge” -Stalingrad) so when Pierce Mason suggested MP17 as a Pacific Theatre scenario, I was fine. It’s not a complex scenario on the face of it, with only Light Jungle and standrd PTO rules in effect, but it is a fighting withdrawal over 7 turns over effectively 1.75 board-depths.

The British are not your everyday plucky tommies, but second line troops, reasonably well equipped but not as cool under fire as their regular brethren. With that in mind I set up as follows:

It aint half hot mum

It ain't half hot mum

The Japanese enters from the bottom of the picture and so they’re going to be in my face pretty quickly. I should have time to redeploy from my reserve as necessary to react to the main thrust. I’ve looked to cover the Left flank with a picket line of one and a half sections – if the main thrust comes that way, I’ll be very surprised as it’s the long way around to the Japanese objective (a small ville far to the North). The right flank is protected by a reduced strength platoon with a senior subaltern and a Bren. This should prevent an attempt to use the easy approach down the right.

The centre is guarded by again a trip wire defence of a section and a bit, while the centre is very much where I expect to develop my reserve and a blocking position around the chokepoint in BB6 where a small watering hole constricts the path to the North. One part of my reserves are going to be sent to the north early on to develop a prepared position for the end game, and watch out for infiltrating Japanese recce troops.

Unfortunately in my initial setup I’ve effectively tried to defend everywhere and left some inviting gaps for infiltration. I didn’t fully take note that British 2nd Line still cower and that the paucity of spray fire weapons makes for major defensive fire weaknesses. However if I can fall back in good order without losing too many casualties to Japanese close quarters attacks and fire I’ll be happy.


The initial Japanese advance will be posted tomorrow.


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