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ASL: Stalingrad once again

Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2008, July 8


I originally pre-ordered Valor of the Guards back in 2005 as about #21 on the order list. The game wasn’t finally published until 2008 and so I expected that my order would be processed, sent and delivered well before I left New Zealand for good in May.

Unfortunately it seems there was a problem with my credit card (probably not enough credit left – an issue that occurs when there’s little or no notice given of charging starting) and so my order was put to the back of the queue. Unfortuinately the first i knew about my new position was when I saw the charge for VotG on a recent statement after I’d  left NZ. So now there’s a parcel from MMP that is at my previous residence and hasn’t been collected. Arrgh! No Valor of the Guards!

The Situation Now

Thanks to my birthday gifts, I now am able to order a replacement copy via Milsims . With the asssistance of Kirsty, my copy of VOTG should reach me on my birthday rather nicely. This will also give me a chance to really look at getting back into ASL PBeM/Live VASL & Skype. The best thing about all of this is that VOTG really does look to be a superb module with so many scenarios to choose from outside of the campaign games. I’ve been squirrelling away as many AARs and assorted VOTG clarifications and answers in the meantime as well as getting some valuable input on exactly how to approach a playing/learning schedule.

This becomes very important as John Knowles is due to arrive for our annual ASL-fest in August which means we’ll be very much in VOTG mode. Hopefully the ASL-fest will also see our first look at the new Normandy Bocage Action pack complete with the new pages.

The other big news is all my stuff from NZ is due to be delivered tomorrow after some 10 weeks in transit. This however means some real downtime again while I get things sorted once and for all.


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