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Further Reading and Research (read Amazon shopping)

Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2007, May 8

In a weak moment I mentioned publicly that I was thinking about storyboarding the historical flow of events using the Killing Ground. Mike Traynor and Charles Vasey, who have an interest in both the game and the campaign expressed in no uncertain terms that I need to publish my experiences in doing so. I think I see some serious outlay at Amazon again:

copp_fields.jpg hill112b.jpg goodwood.jpg bluecoat.jpg

While this is only scratching the surface of my needs for further reference materials, it’s a good start. I’ve already got Major How’s account of Hill 112, along with the usual works by McKee, D’Este, Zetterling and Balkoski, but I will need to grab some more US accounts to flesh that side of things out. Thankfully the US side of the Normandy campaign is well docuimented and less open to interpretation.  I will however have to grab Buckley’s tome on the employment of British armour in Normandy as there’s some fairly significant analysis that will help. The Canadian side of things is best taken from Copp’s books and Hubert Meyer’s opus on 12 SS PzGrd Div “HJ” . I’ll use Hasting’s Overlord and the Isby edited German side of the hill monographs for operational flow but as I’m not interested in analysis so much as movements and courses of events, I can safely avoid much of the polemic or agenda laden parts.

This looks like being a very sizable project, much more than I originally intended  – I’m not so sure I’m up to it, it’s starting to look all too like actual work and I left  academic rigour a long time ago.


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