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Into the Killing Ground

Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2007, May 7

So The Killing Ground arrived this morning, somewhat earlier than I expected. Because my previous experience was with a punched copy I’d forgotten how much the look and feel of the countersheets would transport me back to the days of SPI.  The icons aae a nice touch, not overdone and the general colour scheme is intuitive and straightforward (ATO – Craig Grando please note). What scares me now is that half inch counters seem so small! Even after years of ASL, at least there are many 5/8″ counters to offset this but jeez, I must be getting old.

So my plan for this game currently involves a fair bit of prioritising. I’ve got to clear my current table (I knew I should have bought a second one) of painting stuff. I’ll be smart and use  the unused areas of the uberdesk here as my painting area which should help me get some stuff fiished sooner rather than later.  Once I’ve got that all organised I’ll take the time to print out version 1.5 of the TKG living rules (although I note there’s supposedly a 1.6 version around somewhere) and as much of the analysis and AARs from the TKG folder at Consimworld.  While that’s sinking in I’ll read through a few books on this period, particularly the lead up to Goodwood.

Ideally I’ll be able to get up to speed reasonably soon,  as I’d like to think about getting into a Cyberboard/VASSAL game obefore the end of winter.


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