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Speaking of which: Victory in the West

Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2007, May 1

So here are the other games that use the VITW system as their base, although really it’s the Operation Typhoon system properly. I haven’t included Iron Tide here as I’m not really a big fan of Bulge games, the situation being less interesting at the operational level to me than at the tactical. Anyway the last game is the most recent addition to the system, originally published as Struggle of Army Group Manstein by Hobby Japan, it was republished, redevelopped and generally improved by Adam Starkweather via MMP. Thankfully MMP listened to reason and avoided the garish deployment zone colours they originally intended which wopuld have undone the very nice aesthetics of the map, although Starkweather is not known for being that malleable to changes – he does have striong sense of personal ownership which can get in the way of actual improvements.

Of the three Strategy and Tactics games, probably the best in terms of gameplay is Sicily, but in terms of portraying a situation Operation Grenade sticks the closest to the historical timeframe. Unfortunately with both Sicily and P3A, there are Ambrosian elements in play regarding US capabilities and one is left with little understanding of the limitations of Patton and why he was never considered beyond an Army Commander. They are however well done games, with very few issues needing clarification – something that is rare these days with all the extra development and playtesting that is claimed to be done.


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