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Sometimes they get it right! (includes Pics for once)

Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2007, March 10

Between the return to work and real life issues, I’ve just not had the chance to do anything other than play a little Pbem ASL and look at the pretty modules that have all arrived. Oh my, there’s some really nice stuff out there from Critical Hit and I’m still only catching up with stuff from 2002-2006!The first lot to arrive was Tigers To the Front – a look at Soviet attacks on the “Panther” Line in Army Group North just as Bagration destroyed Army Group Centre (June 44) to the south. Talk about serious eye candy and potential for some excellent Face to Face play once I get to the Paddington Bears meetings. The cool thing is that there are enough scenarios that I can play via PBeM on small suibset maps while I get my head around the new map which is very very nice. I’m not usually a real fan of Late War Eastern Front Heavy Metal but this has sold me on the idea – and it’s rural terrain – so much more a fan of that than urban terrain (after a diet of urban/ruined city terrain I definitely needed a change).

So here’s the Tigers to the Front map:

Panther Line Map for ASL

I’d so love to do some generic terrain for Flames of War using this as a basis – but it’s at least 3-4 six by four tables worth to get the right look – say a 16 by 6 area of 2feet by 4 feet modular terrain. Way too grandiose but it needs to be done and should be done. Speaking of terrain, I really need to think about spending way too much money again and picking up the Touching History books on terrain making ideas. Okay they’re pretty eye candy and made for 28mm aficionados primarily but there are some very good formative ideas explained in layman’s terms particularly well.



One Response to “Sometimes they get it right! (includes Pics for once)”

  1. Stu said

    As a total ASL newbie I’m curious about the PBEM play you mention. Any suggestions about the best way to get into playing ASL by email? In particular I only have MMP’s ASL SK #3 so would be looking for players with a similar set I guess.

    Is there a good online resource for ASL PBEM play you can recommend?

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