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Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2007, February 22

I’ve not had any time to spend on figure gaming of late, all my energy has been devoted to boardgaming and work. The resurgent interest in boardgaming arises out of the visit by my longtime ASL buddy/opponent and good friend John Knowles. These yearly visits are my sole source of ASL face to face play these days and they tend to regenerate my enthusiasm for the game.Whereas in past years, John and I have looked to play scenarios we’ve not played before just for the sake of playing something new, this year (as pretty much we did last year) we decided to pick and choose the scenarios with an eye to not overextending ourselves. One of the reasons we were a bit more circumspect is that this year I was working during the day while John was visiting and i switched from afternoon to morning shift which meant late night gaming and full immersive ASL was out of the question.

This year we selected the majority of our scenarios with an eye to timing, size and situational perspective. The days of scenario choice determined by nationality are gone , these days we’re far more interested in how the scenario is crafted and how the intereaction of VCs and Board choice works. Journal 7 is new to both of us, so I didn’t take much persuading to look at playing a few scenarios from it, especially with Board Y available.

John and I are of the same mind with regard to Scenario parameters, not having much interest in the ultra-mini scenarios nor in all armour scenarios. As far as we’ve worked out, anything less than 5.5 turns, with less than 10 squads per side (counting vehicles as 2 squads) is just heading outside our comfort level of interfacing skill and chaos/friction.

We’ve found the tiny scenarios so beloved of Schwerpunkt and other TPP to be not that enjoyable, particularly as they’re usually far too dependent on the vagaries of the dice, usually one dice roll having an out-sized influence on the outcome. This is particularly so when dealing with scenarios that feature single vehicles with special capabilities or ordnance.


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