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More ASL on the way

Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2007, February 14

Okay so my ordering hasn’t quite finished yet…the consequences of having to spend a day at home sick or rather unable to leave the house for extended periods of time.So here’s what I’m looking to buy this month including stuff that is on its way already:

Critical Hit:

1997 Special Edition Critical Hit “Dzerhezinsky Tractor Works” issue (Includes “Grain Elevator” Map and Campaign game [Currently shipping]
Volume 6 Number 4 Critical Hit “Kursk” issue (Includes serious extras for Hell’s Bridgehead Kursk module including extra map)
Volume 7 Number 3 Critical Hit “Normandy” issue (Includes complete 3rd edition of Busting the Bocage) [Currently shipping]
Action at Carentan Scenario pack (4 scenarios plus a custom mapsheet)
Hell’s Bridgehead 1st Edition (Kursk map + 8 scenarios)
Hell’s Bridgehead Upgrade (Extra two scenarios plus larger map)

Possible additional stuff coming:

Tigers to the Front (Operation Bagration in ASL terms)
Beyond the Beachhead (more ASL Normandy)
The Killing Ground (Operational treatment of the post D-Day Normandy battles) – really like the core system used in this

I’ve pretty much decided on the three webshops I’ll be using: Sentry Box in Calgary, Canada; Gamer’s Armory in the US and Warchest in Australia as they’ve all been really responsive to orders and requests and they’re gamers as well as being smart businessmen (read Professional). Nothing like someone who understands that you are shopping around for the fastest delivery rather than best price – I hate stuff being on back order, preferrring to order something that I know is in stock. Unfortunately as I’m currently looking at OOP items in the main, this means I’m subject to a much more limited selection. The key here is minimising the shipping as much as possible by ordering multiple items from each. However I’ve also got to take into account that each retailer has different products in stock. 😦

Oh well. At least I’m going to get a lot of VASL time out of this, and some nice ideas for Flames of War demo games (Action at Carentan/Busting the Bocage/Beyond the Beachhead)



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