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The Bells of Hell Go Ting a Ling Ling Part 2

Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2007, February 13

So work’s been busy as all getout lately. That hasn’t stopped the deliveries of goodies from parts elsewhere thankfully, I’m now at the point where I’ve got 95% of my boardgame collection stable with very few more purchases needed. I finally got hold of the Stalingrad maps I referenced a while ago, and sure enough there’s a significant difference in area covered betweren the large hex and the smaller hex versions, the latter actually reaching to the Volga.How did I pick these up? Through the auspices of Stephen @ Warchest in Melbourne, Australia. Must say i’m every impressed with the service from him. Fair prices to boot. I bought the second edition of Critical Hit’s Valor of the 37th Guards, which included not only the large hex map of the Dzerhezinsky Tractor works but the original map from the 1997 DTW module and the original Grain Elevator minimap from the 1997 Critical Hit Magazine Special Edition. So I’ve almost completed the necessary accumulation of product.

I’m going to end up with some duplication of mapsheets but that’s no hardship as I’m sure I can find a use for them. So basically all I’m after now is the original DTW module with its 2 Campaign games and four scenarios and the 97SE with the Grain Elevator scenarios/CG. The latter is on order already from The Sentry Box in Canada, and I may have scoped out a copy of DTW although I’m paying the OOP premium 😦

I also picked up one of the lesser items on my want list – a copy of the old Area-Impulse ACW game, They Met at Gettysburg which has a poor reputation but surely can be salvaged. Other than that, I’ve been catching up on my reading and now that I have the Starmer books and a Vallejo paint chart (the one with actual paint swatches) I’ve pretty much got some writig to do.

I even started playing some ASL again, Stalingrad natürlich, with my old adversay Jay White. We’re now on Turn 3 of our game that was interrupted by me getting sidetracked by real life, and so far it’s been one crazy Rollercoaster ride once again, with the highlight for me being the critical hit I scored with a Molotov-Projector on one of the two StuIG33Bs Jay is fielding. One flank is almost completely secure through the blazes that have started up.

Anyway I really need to take some pics again (I’ve been slack – no change there) and posting again



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