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Plus ça change…I could post more if I'd actually achieved anything

Posted by panzerschreckdesign on 2006, May 25

The only gaming I’ve been doing in the last two months has been Advanced Squad Leader on VASL.

I’ve completed several games:

  • Vulcan’s Forge (Melee Pack II – Red Barricades)
  • Bread Factory #2 (RB3 – Red Barricades)
  • Rescue Attempt (Doomed Battalions)
  • Thrust and Parry (GI’s Dozen)
  • Moldavian Massacre (Hero Pak)
  • Riposte (GI’s Dozen)
  • Clearing Qualberg (Schwerpunkt)

I’m currently playing several others via PBeM and the occasional live VASL session, which seems to be working nicely although I’m starting to get a pasting in one which is the result of a poor series of initial moves.

The Stalingrad project is stalled for the meantime owing to lack of discretionary cash while the winter power bills mount up and I’m still loking for a new job. However I do at least have a solid grasp of what i need to do, although spending US$500 on three source references is making me wince a great deal.

As far as painting of minis, that’s still proceeding very slowly…the BEF will be put obn hold for June and I’ll finish off my FJs…only 12 months after they were meant to be completed – the Late War brits however are almost finished to a tabletop standard – I’ll tidy them up on a section/troop per week basis from now on, ready for the 2007 round of Tourneys.


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